Oil & Fluid Evacuation Systems

RPM Industries is the exclusive provider of PERT, the safest, cleanest, and fastest way to service oil and other fluids for engines and powertrain systems. PERT allows you to Purge filters, Evacuate fluid compartments, Refill with new oil or fluids, and Timestamp the service event.

PERT Oil Evacuation System
: The QuickFit and QuickEvac oil evacuation systems allow your technician to perform oil and filter changes in less than 20 minutes.

PERT Fluid Evacuation System
: The MultiVac fluid evacuation system evacuates oil and other engine fluids making engine maintenance easier and cost effective while extending the life of your engine.

Self-Contained Oil Evacuation Tool
: RPM Industries' self-contained oil evacuation tool is designed for smaller engines to provide easier, faster and cleaner oil changes.

Time Stamp
- Automatically sends a signal to capture the date and time of a quickevac service on any compartment (engine, transmission, hydraulic, etc). This signal can be sent to machine monitoring systems such as Caterpillar ProductLink, etc. to help you manage your fleet.

Oil Evacuation Accessories
- RPM Industries offers a range of service tools and conversion options to enable full integration of both QuickEvac and MultiVac technologies into your maintenance systems. Whether you have no service infrastructure at all, or are working with PM truck's and /or maintenance service bays, we have the evacuation accessories to meet your needs. RPM Industries also provides a free consultation service for converting existing maintenance infrastructure to work with QuickEvac/MultiVac and any existing technologies.

- RPM Industries distributes a full range of well-known name brand lubrication equipment to meet your servicing needs. Ask your sales representative for more details.

For more information about oil evacuation and fluid evacuation, call 800.255.2250 or contact us today!